Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Do's and don'ts

Yes ladies and gentlemen there are do's and don'ts. Most of these are a matter of politeness and etiquette, and are not etched in stone, they're just a guideline. Let's begin:
  • Research! Read up and learn. Paganism values knowledge. You don't have to go on a course or write essays but just pick up a book and read it before bed, meditate on a subject, google terms and talk to others.
  • Have an open mind. This can all be a lot for someone not brought up in a pagan household and can be a bit of a shock. Just relax and absorb what you can.
  • Make sure it's for you. Paganism isn't for everyone, the same as any religion. Learn about it and if you don't feel comfortable then keep looking for a faith that suits you. Paganism is wide ranging and it could be said that there's something for everyone, if not? Be glad that you have some new knowledge.
  • Observe the world around you. Many pagan religions link in closely with the earth so it's a great idea to observe nature. Even in a big city you can watch the birds. Nature can tell you a lot about yourself and how you effect the world. That window box dying? Time to move it somewhere else, or check out any toxins in the water.
  • Learn basic baking. It's fun and makes feasts so much easier. This is just advice to be honest. ^_^

  • Wear a tonne of pentacle jewellery. You don't want to look like an eighties rapper so tone down the pendants. Seeing someone covered in pentacles is obnoxious and even the most out and proud pagan would find it distasteful. A small pentacle is as powerful as a big one. Here less truly is more.
  • Scream to the world that you are a witch. This is impolite and, one again, completely obnoxious. So many kids that have only ever seen tv witches do this and it has become an automatic eye roll. Say you're pagan if you must and leave it at that. Once again, less is more.
  • Join just because it's different or 'cool'. You wouldn't go to any other church just for that so treat paganism with the same respect.
  • Leave your books and tools out. People you don't want to could find them/damage them/touch them/throw them away. These things should be important to you and a cheap bookcase will keep them safe. A tidy pagan is a relaxed pagan.
  • Start practising until you are sure you know what you're doing. Be careful what you wish for. In fact I have a personal story for this one. A good friend of mine had heard his friend had gone missing. This girl was nowhere to be found and her boyfriend was distraught. My friend cast a spell simply to find her safe and sound. Look at that wording. She was found safe and sound, in another man's bed. Yes, be very careful what you wish for.
  • Spill blood. No beginner or intermediate spell would EVER ask for this. If you must give of yourself give a lock of hair. It's health, safety and hygiene people. More on this later.
  • Mix your pantheons. During a spell you may call on a god and a goddess, but these must both be from the same pantheon. Separate pantheons do not get along. Think of shoving two opposing football teams in the same locker room.

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  1. My only problems with this blog is that its mixing witchcraft and Wicca in with paganism and you should clarify that a pentacle is Wicca not pagan because the Vikings do not use or recognize it as pagan.
    Some points are good but some facts are very off