Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bliss (or “the pagan life cycle”)

Some children born in pagan families are blessed before they're even born. The community is very welcoming and children are often thrown a Wiccaning instead of being christened. This is an equivalent welcoming into the world.
When the child has grown up, found the love of their life they can be hand-fasted which is an equivalent to getting married. There is also a hand parting ceremony for if the relationship simply doesn't work out. Paganism understands that people don't stay together forever and can simply fall out of love. It's one of those sad facts of life.
When the couple wants a baby there are fertility spells to help them along if they wish. Then, once the lady is pregnant there is a ritual that is called a belly blessing. Blessing the unborn child and wishing it health and happiness.
As the couple move on in life and retire some go through a wizzening as they are celebrated and pass on their wisdom.
Finally, when we pass on, as with any religion, there are funeral rights.
In paganism we are helped throughout our entire lives.

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